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Poll: what are you expecting from a Trump presidency?
Looking for new people to be co-founders on the staff for the Chinese History group. see the post there if youre interested.
Kind of wierd knowing that when I wake up tomorrow there'll be a new president of the USA. I usually find out about these leadership changes a few days or weeks after they happen, but for this one I know when it's happening right down to the hour. Kinda shows how much the world really cares about this (that or just my own interest in the presidency.)  Anyways, should be interesting tomorrow to see how America and the world reacts to the first few hours of the Trumpening and what the big dorito himself has to say for his inauguration speech (and more importantly, what he'll say in his Hall of Presidents speech!)
I figured out how to change the scrolling back to pages, theres a thing in settings where you can choose between the two. Thats a relief, I thought I was stuck with this terrible scrolling forever.
Canada 1900
It took five days just to draw the coastline for this and a few hours to do everything else. Who's the wiseguy who decided to put so many damn islands in the Arctic?

Anyways, Here's Canada as it appeared 117 years ago. I would talk about interesting things to notice and historical stuff but its 2 Am and I need to make sleep.
So, about an hour or two ago, I uploaded my first part of a series of things on US history. I want this to be my main project this year, and I'll be aiming for 2 parts a week (though knowing me I'll probbay give up or forget it in June or something :P), and I've set up a basic outline using this:… as a base, and here's my idea for the series

2-Amerindian cultures
3-Amerindian civilizations
5-Roanoke and Spanish Florida
6-Plymouth Colony
7-New Sweden and New Netherland
8-French Louisiana
9-Other English colonies
10-Anglo-Powhatan War
11-Bacon's Rebellion
12-Salem WItch Trials
13-The Great Awakening
14-Northeast Coast Campaign
15-French and Indian War
16-Intolerable Acts
17-Boston Massacre and Tea Party
18-Revolution I
19-Revolution II
20-Revolution III
21-Shay's Rebellion
22-Ratification of the Constitution
23-1789 Election
24-Vermont Republic
25-1792 election
26-Whiskey Rebellion
27-1796 election
28-XYZ Affair
29-Slavery up to 1800 act
31-1800 election
32-Louisiana Purchase
33-Burr and Hamilton
34-Lewis and Clark
35-1804 election
36-Embargo Act
37-1808 election
38-War of 1812 I
39-1812 Election
40-War of 1812 II
41-1816 election
42-Panic of 1819
43-Missouri Compromise
44-1820 election
45-Monroe Doctrine
46-1824 Election
47-The Corrupt Bargain
48-1828 election
49-Nullifiction Crisis
50-Second Great Awakening
51-Oregon Trail
52-Indian Removal Act
53-Nat Turner Rebellion
54-Black Hawk War
55-Bank War
56-1832 election
57-Texas as part of Mexico
58-Texan Revolution
59-1836 election
60-Panic of 1837
61-Trail of Tears
62-1840 election
63-Webster-Ashburton Treaty
64-1844 election
65-Oregon Treaty
66-Texas Annexation
67-Mexican War
68-1848 election
69-Seneca Falls convention
70-California Gold Rush
71-Compromise of 1850
72-Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
73-1852 election
70-the rise of abolitionism
71-Kansas-Nebraska Act
72-Bleeding Kansas and Gadsden Purchase
73-1856 election
74-Dred Scott decision
75-Mormons and the Utah War
76-Panic of 1857
77-Lincoln-Douglas Debates
78-John Brown's Raid
79-Pony Express
80-1860 election
81-Secession and the CSA
82-Civil war I
83-Civil war II
84-Civil War III
85-1864 election
86-Assassination of Lincoln
87-Reconstruction south
*-Emperor Norton
88-Transcontinental Railroad
89-1868 election
90-Great Chicago fire
91-1872 election
92-Plains wars
93-1876 election
94-Western frontier
95-1880 election
96-Assassination of Garfield
97-Jim Crow south and segregation
98-1884 election
99-1888 election
100-1892 election
101-Panic of 1893
102-Spanish American war
103-War in the Philippines
104-Boxer rebellion
105-1900 galveston hurricane
106-1900 election
107-Assassination of McKinley
108-Turn of the century inventions (airplane, film, etc)
109-Panama Canal
110-1904 election
111-1906 San Francisco Earthquake
112-1908 election
113-Robert Peary expedition
114-1912 election (including attempted assassination of TR by John Schrank)
115-1916 election
116-RMS Lusitania and Zimmerman telegram
117-The US in WWI
119-Women's suffrage
120-1920 election
121-Teapot Dome Scandal
122-1924 election
123-1928 election
124-Birth of early modern film (Jazz Singer, early animation etc.)
125-Valentines Day Massacre
126-Great Depression
127-Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart
128-1932 election
129-Dust bowl
130-Assassination of Huey Long
131-FDR's New Deal
132-1936 election
133-Hindenburg disaster
134-1940 election
135-Pearl Harbor
136-US in WWII in Europe I
137-US in WWII in Europe II
138-US in WWII in Asia I
139-US in WWII in Asia II
140-Japanese internment
141-Manhattan project
141-1944 election
143-End of WWII in Europe
144-End of WWII in Asia (atom bombings)
145-Marshall Plan
146-1948 election
147-Red Scare and McCarthysim
148-Korean War
149-1952 election
150-Civil Rights movement I
151-Civil rights movement II
152-Vietnam War I
153-Vietnam war II
154-Vietnam War III
155-1960 election
156-Space Race I
157-Space Race II
158-Bay of Pigs and Cuba Missile Crisis
159-1960s counterculture
160-Assassination of Kennedy
161-Assassination of Malcolm X
162-Assasination of Martin Luther King Jr.
163-1968 election
164-The Manson Family
165-Rise of Serial Killers
166-Stonewall riots and gay rights movement
167-1972 election
169-Assassination attempts on Ford
170-Jonestown Massacre
171-Assassination of Harvey Milk
172-Three Mile Island incident
173-Iran hostage crisis
174-Mt. St. Helens eruption
175-1980 election
177-Hinckley assassination attempt
176-Space Shuttle program
177-Reagan and the cold war
178-War on drugs
179-1984 election
180-Challenger disaster
181-Iran-Contra affair
181-1988 election
183-Exxon Valdez disaster
184-Gulf War (Desert Storm)
185-Rodney King riots
186-1992 elections
187-Oklahoma city bombing
188-Centennial Olympic Park bombing
189-1996 elecion
190-Lewinsky Scandal
191-Columbine massacre
192-2000 election
194-War in Afghanistan
195-Columbia disaster
196-War in Iraq
197-2004 election
198-Hurricane Katrina
199-Virginia Tech Massacre
200-2008 election
201-Deepwater Horizon spill
202-Joplin Tornado
203-2012 election
204-Boston Marthon bombings
205-2016 election

I feel like it's not a great outline, I feel like I drifted too much towards disasters and crime in the late 20th and 21st centuries, and probably chose to include too much stuff. Ideas for making this better would be really, really appreciated.


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Joey JoJo Jr. Shabbadoo
i am a human male living in the Canada.

Hello, fine fellows of the deviant-art! I am Zack, I am an amateur cartographer and vexillographer in the mystical land of Alberta. I like many things. I also dislike many things. There are also things i have no opinion of.

Name: Zack S. Shevchenko
Age: 17
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Political views: monarchist, generally neutral and apolitical
Religion: agnostic
Current education: Uni dropout
Career goal: unsure

Favorite former countries: Akkad, Rome, New Kingdom Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Ancient Israel, Persia, Han, Zhou, Tang, Sparta, HRE, Orange FS, Zulu Empire, Axum, Kush, Abyssinia, Mali Empire, Ashante Empire, Abbasid Caliphate, Mughal Empire, Indus, Republic of Texas, Byzantium, Mongol Empire, USSR, Yugoslavia, Bukhara, Sumer, Ming, Qing, Tokugawa, Inca Empire, Prussia, Austria-Hungary, and Kingdom of Hawaii.
Favorite current countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ireland, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Oman, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Australia, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Madagascar, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa.

Note: the "favorite countries" sections are not for political reasons, these are just places I have a particular fondness for the history and culture of. I like all nations and wish to learn more about them all, but these ones pique my interest the most.


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Canada Stamp by l8 Alberta by SaxonSurokov Culture by Skuld-Youngest-Norn learning other languages stamp by DejiNyucu Maud Pie Is Best Pony Stamp by MegaSnoge Sealandic English (Sealand) by PixelDevianArt Brony- stamp by BlizzyKai

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Science Rules Stamp by Erandir American History Stamp by TheStampCollector Yes, It's True Stamp by SummerLovesPeace German History Stamp by finalverdict I love Europe by Tea-Strawberry I love North America by Tea-Strawberry I love Oceania by Tea-Strawberry I love Africa by Tea-Strawberry I love South America by Tea-Strawberry Little stamp things stamp by deviantStamps Russian History Stamp by WinterJackal Qing Dynasty of China Flag Stamp by GeminiGoat Ancient Egypt Stamp by Rangaku History Stamp by WinterJackal Civil War Buff by KittyBlues Shiny Mesoamerica stamp by Aztecatl13



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